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edwina hörl // kiki

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«kiki» is the japanese word for «crisis». «crisis» was the word of the year for germany in 2008.
the ‘kiki’ collection is a reflection on the multiple meanings a crisis can imply. using loaded symbology and materials of literal and abstract natures, the kiki collection reflects the state of both the world and the realm of fashion.

an edition of a faux newspaper titled «kiki» was created that combines photos of a staged guerilla demonstration of protest banner-wielding models wearing the collection in a tokyo park with various texts and crisis-related quotes in both english and japanese.
«when written in chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters: one represents ‘danger’ and the other represents ‘opportunity.» john f. kennedy

edwina hörl


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edwina hörl // kiki -
edwina hörl // kiki -