so+ba swiss made in japan

2007 / →

edwina hörl // nani kore

promotional object // invitation // cigar labels
«nani kore» is japanese for «what is this?» - the conceptual theme for this collection. the source of this concept is the multicultural background of edwina hörl herself- traditional european style mixed with japanese style.
as the name implies we produced an object that makes you question the nature of the object and think «what is this»? the final product, intentionally designed to look like a pre-packaged cigar, is revealed to be the collection catalogue in the form of a printed handkerchief. images of the garments that comprise the collection are printed on the rolled handkerchief residing within the cigar packaging. a nonsensical marriage of signified object and surprise content drives the form and concept of this collection’s primary promotion piece.
art direction: so+ba
design: dominik sigrist

edwina hörl


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edwina hörl // nani kore -
edwina hörl // nani kore -
edwina hörl // nani kore -
edwina hörl // nani kore -