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neu magazine 2010

magazine // 32 page // japanese language
costumer magazine published by the austrian tourist bureau in japan. each issue introduces a special topic and interesting events in austria and austrian events in japan.

spring 2010 fashion // sissi, punk dirndel, lena hoschek, susanne bisovsky, helmut lang, ali zedtwitz and others are introduced in this issue and the graz gourmet festival.

summer 2010 mountain and water // introducing amas: austrian moderate altitude study, fresh water to drink, take a bath and for energy extraction, interview with peter habeler and the restaurant «zur alten kaisermühle» on the old donau islands.

autumn 2010 music // the 13 top music events in austria, different austrian music styles such as march, ländler, austropop and electronica music, the house of music in vienna, die oper kocht: an interview with akiko nakajima and eveline rille.

winter 2010 meister // introducing the «meisterstrasse», austrian handcraft at its best, how to become a meister and an interview with klaus mühlbauer, restaurant steirereck a master of cooking.

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